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    • Peacock Feather Maang Tikka - Glossy Silver
    • $84.00
      Inspired by one of the most exquisite creatures on the planet, whose mesmerising beauty is considered a manifestation of the celestial Phoenix on earth, our Peacock Feather Maang Tikka represents integrity, spirituality and freedom. Handcrafted from 80% recycled brass and plated in Glossy Silver, our Peacock Feather Maang Tikka focuses on an element of the peacock, its feather, as the motif. An oval...
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    • Angel Wings Maang Tikka - Matte Gold
    • $43.00
      Inspired by the beauty of angel wings, our Angel Wings Maang Tikka brings together two elements of love and freedom as an elegant ornament that symbolises harmony, hope and affection. Handcrafted from 80% recycled brass and plated in Antique Gold which imparts an everyday elegance, our Angel Wings Maang Tikka is very lightweight, monochromatic and minimal. A delicate cable chain completes the...
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    • Moonlight Maang Tikka - Matte & Glossy Silver
    • $70.00
      Our Moonlight Maang Tikka is inspired by the phases of the beautiful and lustrous moon we magnificently experience on a monthly basis. A true field of magic to witness. Handcrafted from 80% recycled brass, plated in a combination of Matte and Glossy Silver and adorned with shiny Swarovski crystals resembling stars in the night sky, this finely plated tikka is sure...
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    • Starry Night Maang Tikka - Gold & Grey
    • $55.00
      Signifying divine guidance and enlightenment, our Starry Night Maang Tikka is inspired by the hidden magic that lies beyond our night skies. Simple, yet elegant and abstract, this motif offers a design that is universal in appeal. Handcrafted from 80% recycled brass, plated in Matte Gold and adorned with Grey Enamel. A thick metal border surrounds the enamel, highlighting the star shape. The main star also...
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